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Direct Deposit

To take advantage of this service, simply stop in or call and we will guide you through the direct deposit process.

Your check will continue to be made out to you, but will be sent for deposit here to your account at no additional charge to you.

This service may be cancelled at any time and you will begin receiving your payments at home again.

Arrangements can also be made for other recurring checks or payments to be deposited to your account. Remember, all deposits are NCUA insured.


Money Orders

Money orders are available at our office.


Notary Public

Members can use the services of our Notary Public at no charge. Just visit our branch.


Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion. Visa Gift cards are smart, thoughtful and always well-received.

The Visa Gift card is a prepaid card welcome everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted, in person or online. Visa Gift cards are loaded with a set amount of funds on the card and can be used for multiple purchases for as long as value remains on the card. Cardholders can check balances online.





Legal Disclosure: Substitute Checks & Your Rights
Substitute checks and your rights